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Photographic Expeditions in Bolivia — Trips and Workshops

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Bolivia Photographic Expeditions

Looking for new photography expeditions and active photography adventures? Bolivia is the right place ...and we will get you there at the right time when everything comes together. Bolivia Naturally offers fun and inspirational wildlife adventures for all skill levels in Bolivia. Photo clubs and groups of friends or family can arrange custom photo tours and workshops to many of our amazing destinations.

Whether you’re looking for a private photography expedition in Bolivia for your group or a photography workshop in the company of a renowned professional photographers, we’ll be happy to assist you in the preparation, logistics, ground arrangements and operations of your Bolivia trip.

Combining the Art of Photography & Travel

Be at the right place at the right time! If you focus anywhere between Nature, Local Culture, and Scenic Photography in the heart of South America we will be happy to help you with your Special Project. Your story may cover any subject in the following geographic areas:

  • Amazonia and the Lowlands
  • Inter-Andean Valleys and Colonial Cities
  • High Andes and Altiplano

On a Bolivia Photo Expedition, photography comes first! So your itinerary is likely to have a specific photographic focus (e.g. native people of the Andes, wildlife in the Amazon, etc.).

Your itinerary is unique and custom designed for photography—we've chosen the best time of year, built in extra time and repeat visits to key places. Of course, early morning and late evening are the best times for photography—making for long but productive days.

In our opinion, there is no bad season for photography in Bolivia. Each has it's own particular magic, charm, and photographic opportunities. Transportation is in go-anywhere, stop anytime vans because the best pictures are often just waiting alongside the road.

Photography Tours and Expeditions

  • Private Photo Tours & Sightseeing Adventures
  • Experiential travel, photo practice, and adventure, all in one
  • Wilderness Photo Tours & Expeditions to remote areas
  • Fine Art Landscape and Wildlife Photography, Abstracts, Macro...
  • Portrait and Street Photography, Documentary Photography...

Whether you want to enjoy and relax while taking pictures at your own pace on a sightseeing tour, or journey to faraway places on an specially designed active adventure tour or remote expedition trip, don't hesitate to let us know the subtle differences you wish to incorporate in the proper context of your own and unique travel experience.

Important: We do not offer photography lessons on our photo tours and trips (unless you aks for it). We expect you to have the necessary knowledge on photography, and carry the adequate equipment. We believe you know your camera well enough, and will let you work intimately. As for the rest, we will take you to the right place at the right time, for the best exposure according to your unique and personal Photography Project.


Landlocked Bolivia occupies the heart of South America. Its attractions include Andean Peaks, tropical Amazonian forests, bustling cities, and peaceful, traditional communities. Bolivia will give you a taste of this varied continent, usually a long way off the tourist trail.

Squeezed between five other countries, Bolivian culture is a melting pot of Amerindian and European. On any visit to Bolivia, you will encounter local festivals and activities, such as people might be throwing water-balloons at each other or there could be street processions full of color and enthusiasm.

Home to the exceptionally rich Southwest Amazon Moist Forests, Bolivia is a stunning mosaic of high plateaus, snow-capped volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls.

Bolivia’s diversity of animal and plant life is among the greatest in the world. The country’s location in the tropics combined with dramatic variations in topography and climate result in a wide range of ecosystems—from the spectacular mountain landscapes of the Andes to the dense rainforests of the Amazon to the unusual dry forests of the Chaco.

Bolivia lies in the centre of the tropical Andes, which are one of the world’s centres of species diversity and endemism. It is among the eleven countries of the world with the most biodiversity of plants and animals. 1435 species of birds make Bolivia the 6th richest country in birds in the world.

The ecosystems with greatest species diversity are in the Pre-Andean, Sub-Andean and Yungas regions, particularly near their edges in transition zones.

Bolivia has substantial rainforest cover in its lowland areas: the Bolivian Amazon covers 229,985 square miles (59.6 million hectares) of which roughly two-thirds is forested. About half of Bolivia's forest cover consists of primary forest.

Bolivia has gained global attention for its 'Law of the Rights of Mother Earth', which accords nature the same rights as humans.

Explore one of the most biodiverse landscapes in the world, where many different ecosystems converge including Amazonian rainforests, montane cloud forests, lowland savannas, highland grasslands, dry inter-Andean forests and high Andean mountains. The Madidi region is also critical for the conservation of endangered wildlife that have large home ranges such as the jaguar, giant otter, Andean bear, maned wolf, white-lipped peccary, vicuña and the Andean condor.


Photography & Wildlife safari holidays throughout the natural world, handpicked to put you in the right place at the right time to maximise your wildlife experience.

Nature & Wildlife Exploration - Birding - Hiking - Photography - Conservation Projects - Community Projects - Side Excursions


Year-Round Departures (depart virtually any day of the week).

May - October is dry season.

Sample Bolivia Trip (for your reference only) - many options are available depending on your interests, time and budget. Contact us for a special quote.

Wildlife & Nature Photo Tour in Bolivia, naturally!
(sample trip example, fully customizable)

Day 1 - Arrive Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. [LD]

Days 2 & 3 - Explore Amboró National Park from Santa Cruz. [BLD]

Days 4 & 5 - Southwest of Santa Cruz – Semi Deciduous Forests. [BLD]

Days 6 & 7 - Inter-Andean valleys around Cochabamba. [BLD]

Days 8 & 9 - Explore Toro-Toro National Park from Cochabamba. [BLD]

Days 10 & 11 - Adjust to high altitude in La Paz. [BLD]

Days 12 & 13 - Lake Titicaca and the high Andes from La Paz. [BLD]

Days 14 & 15 - Explore Sajama National Park and the Altiplano. [BLD]

Days 16 & 17 - Back to La Paz and onwards to Rurrenabaque. [BLD]

Days 18 & 19 - Explore Madidi National Park. [BLD]

Days 20 & 21 - Back to Rurrenabaque and return trip to La Paz. [BLD]

Many extensions and side excursions can be incorporated in this basic itinerary. Let us know about your specific interests.

Wildlife & Nature Tours in Bolivia - Customised Bolivia Tours

Meals Included: Breakfast [B], Lunch [L], Dinner [D]

Contact us for your next Photography Expedition in Bolivia. Our Wild Nature Photo Travel Expeditions around Bolivia are real photography expeditions in remote wilderness areas, experiential travel, photo practice, and adventure, all in one. Fine Art Landscape and Wildlife Photography may include Abstracts, Landscapes, Wildlife...

Our researched itineraries are tailored to your specifications with experienced naturalists whose infectious enthusiasm guarantees an enjoyable yet informative experience. All itineraries are bespoke.

Are you part of a conservation or natural history society who would like a thoroughly researched and specially designed-for-you trip?

Are you hoping to enjoy an exciting and inspiring trip for you and your members?

We can help. In keeping with our philosophy of providing itinerary’s that allow visitors to be immersed in nature and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of nature, we can help you design a specific itinerary based on your members interests and requirements.

Our itineraries are designed to your specifications with experienced naturalists whose infectious enthusiasm guarantees an enjoyable yet informative experience. We will carefully research your requirements then discuss the options with the optimum time for your visit. We guarantee you will not be disappointed with your custom tour.

Anything can be arranged from full field style expedition to deluxe and luxury hotels (although these may not be available at all stations), the style and standard of accommodation is up to you.

We provide transport throughout, all necessary permits and charters, accommodation and meals as requested, wildlife viewing lists and a detailed background ecology booklet relating to areas visited and species viewed.

Depart any day! Custom dates and prices available.
Contact one of our travel consultants for details.

Solutions for individuals and small groups – feel free to request a custom quote.

We organize tailor-made tours at competitive prices throughout Bolivia for individuals, couples or groups, off the usual tourist routes and accompanied by accredited local guides, to get you in direct contact with stunning Bolivian landscapes, the people and local culture.

Choose the duration of your Bolivia trip, the places you want to visit, type of accommodation, schedules, ways to get around and even your budget. Everything exactly as you prefer!

Contact us so that we can prepare a detailed tailor-made itinerary for you, based on your travel dates and personal conveniences.

If you are a group of 10 or more travelers, you can take advantage of the favorable conditions that Fremen Tours Bolivia has planned for you.

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